Advisor & Sparring Partner Leadership Assessments
– Norbert Abraham

The job-related personality is the only constant messure to predict leadership success in todays VUCA world. Transparent state-of-the-arts diagnostic tools and assessment methodologies help to determine a bias-free picture of a candidates personality and the likely success-curve in future roles.

Let`s start our conversation to assess a leader.

If you are looking for transformational leadership.

If you would like to develop your organization from hierarchy to heterarchy.

If you want to know whether a candidate has outstanding intellectual capacities, extraordinary analytical skills or specific creative skills.

If you want to test an executive’s agility.

If you are not absolutely sure whether the personality of a candidate really suits your company, your customers, the culture and the management team.

If you want to individually develop members of your team with a view on strengths, weaknesses and risks of their job-related personality.

If you want to improve the efficiency and collaboration of an entire management team by using a transparent group diagnostic assessment that provides you with an overview of the distribution of different competencies in the team.

If you would like to combine scientific diagnostics with the pragmatic and experienced evaluation of a pronounced expert in management structures and management teams.

„Disrupt or be disrupted“. The new mantra for fast and agile organizations.

Organizations often no longer manage to develop the next leadership generation themselves quickly enough. Change just happens too fast. Knowledge is rapidly becoming obsolete. Classic job profiles no longer match the (digital) reality.

Today's CV readers too often retain their usual rating schemes and continue to search for conventional and traditional signals of success. There is It credible forecast, that 40% of the jobs that will be filled in five years cannot be defined today.

I am your Sparring Partner for the selection of executives and the development of executive teams

I serve my clients with a neutral and well-founded "second opinion" for the hiring decisions about executives with a very high efficiency or high risk potential. For this leadership assessment, I use systematic interview techniques, various diagnostic assessments and my many years of market experience as a senior headhunter in evaluating outstanding talent.

I support family businesses in succession and development planning and in setting the course for the next generation of leadership. With careful analysis and supportive diagnostic tools, I help make wise decisions and reduce the usual "human" evaluation errors.

I help executive teams to significantly improve the effectiveness of boardroom work. Each executive team becomes more efficient when the team members different characteristics of personality can be exchanged and discussed openly and with confidence. When acceptance and mutual recognition arise through transparent communication.