Self Branding & Go-2-Job-Market Advisory for Leaders
– Norbert Abraham

As Leader or Executive you are faced with the challenge of wanting or having to look for a new job. This task is for many Champions League Players unfamiliar and the previous experience of promotion no longer fits the current situation of the job market. The job market has changed radically!

I am coaching Leaders and Executives into the pole position of applicants. With services for application and modular outplacement. With professional made-to-measure work and manufacturing quality. With an eye for matching your personality against the expectations of future stakeholders, I will tailor your CV to start the race from the pole position. I know exactly what the readers of your application want to see and the interview partners want to hear.

Let´s talk! Get the experience of a changing game in your job search:

If you want to re-focus yourself.

If you are not sure whether your application documents are state of the art.

If you want to start a dialogue with your dream employer based on initiative action.

If you want to prepare perfectly for the “job rendezvous”.

If you are somehow stuck in your activities and lost sight of the goal.

Only the readers perspective is creating success!

As a headhunter, senior coach and diagnostician of psychmetric tools, I advised on hundreds of selection proceses, formulated several thousand interview reports and professionally evaluated tens of thousands of CVs. I know exactly what the readers of your application want to see and the interview partners want to hear.

Personality is in demand again today; more than ever!

It is no longer an insider tip: Today, companies are looking for personalities rather than for knowledge. In the age of acceleration and constant access to knowledge, personality becomes the decisive messure of professional success.

The reader's perspective defines the pole position!

Every job application is in competition! The one with a perfect match for the readers expectation takes it all. Only ONE out of ten applications is statistically successful. Nine out of ten job applications are rejected. The reader's perspective alone decides whether your job application receives an invitation.

Your personality is the key to successful applications

Recruitment decisions are almost always decisions about personality.

You have a clear head start if you are able to describe your personality authentically and convincingly. Those who fail to present their own competencies and the essential aspects of their own personality in an optically attractive format will miss the pole position.

Get the game changed:

If you are searching the next executive role.

If you would like to get professional advise for your individual job search activities.

If you want state-of-the-arts application documents.

If you want to score with your personality.

If you want to train the interview intensively.

If you want a market insider, to analyze and evaluate a written offer.

If you're kind of stuck and need the experience of a market insider.